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Find three other traveling partners (two couples or four friends is ideal) and we'll help you create a custom private group tour with Philippe as your guide. This is ideal for families that like to travel together or friends who'd prefer have a bit more personalized service while traveling and especially those who don't want to be part of a large tour group. You'll save money and spare yourself headaches by letting our professional staff do all of the work for you.


In 25 years of serving traveling guests Philippe has visited many places.

Here are a few of his travel suggestions for 2019 & 2020:

Eastern Europe fairy tale Europe
Philippe has spent a decade exploring the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, regions in former East Germany and Austria.
This is fairytale Europe, at one time living beneath the shadow of the Iron Curtain these countries have reclaimed their rightful place at the heart of Europe. These are endlessly fascinating places offering a bit of everything: scenery, architecture, culture and great food, but most of all, a real sense of being "somewhere different".

Northern Europe & Scandinavia
Holland, Denmark, Sweden
& Norway

Pragmatic, sensible, friendly with an enviable quality of living. You'll discover with a perfect balance of city life and the great outdoors. Tidy villages, beautiful scenery, good food and a compelling history from the Viking Sagas to the story of Anne Frank.

All the Alps
Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy,
France & Slovenia

The Alps are a crisscrossed by high mountain passes which for centuries have served as bridges at the heart of Europe, connecting 6 countries (and six languages) together in one spectacularly beautiful region. Our tours here emphasize sightseeing and highlight French, German, Italian, Slovene and Swiss culture and history.

Spain! the enchanting country
Spain is a surprising country to visit. It's filled with every delightful cliché you would expect and yet every guest comes away impressed - having discovered something that they did not expect. It's a beautiful country, to be sure, but it is also a deeply soulful country. You'll admire the people, the beauty of the land, the diversity of culture that exists here, you'll be touched by the history and you'll never forget the food.

the Cinque Terre & Tuscany
history, culture & beauty

Italy (and the world) owes Tuscany a great deal when it comes to language, poetry, history, food and art. This beautiful region was the epicenter of the Renaissance which was one of the most important chapters in Europe's history. Philippe partners with brilliant local art historians who bring Florence's great art galleries to life. You'll also discover one of Italy's most legendary food and wine producing regions as we travel throughout the enchanting Tuscan countryside.

Croatia - a truly
spectacular country

Croatia is one of the world's most beautiful countries. For centuries the Adriatic coast has lured Greek, Roman, African and Ottoman invaders. The country has a unique culture and a fascinating history.

Berlin, Bavaria & the Romantic Road
the really cute parts of Germany

Join us as we seek wisdom, and cake, in Germany. Our tour begins in Berlin, the country's fascinatingly hip capital city. We'll then travel down the famous Romantic Road, a picturesque route into the forests and mountains of Bavaria. You'll discover quaint little medieval villages, enjoy fine scenery and eat amazing German pastries along the way. Our tour ends in Munich in the foothills of the Alps.

London, Paris & Rome
Great Capitals of Europe
Experience the wonders of ancient Rome, the glamor of London and the romance of Paris all in one unforgettable tour! One of our most popular tours.

Northern France - The Art of Living
Champagne & Normandy
Brittany & the Loire

A great tour to learn about the French attitude towards the Art of Living. This is a sightseeing tour with an educational twist. You'll be: introduced to French table manners; learn how to shop in a market; meet a Champagne maker; and be taught how to cook by a chef in a professional kitchen. You'll also learn a lot about history and art on a unique tour to Northern France.

Christmas Markets!
Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, storybook German villages and the Alps.

A fantastic way to experience some of the best scenery in Europe. Christmastime is “off-peak”, which means we can offer you a premium tour at a better-than-usual rate. Enjoy live Classical music in Prague and Salzburg. Savor hearty local winter cuisine. Taste the sights and sounds of this magical time of the year in some of Europe’s prettiest towns and villages. This is an unforgettable tour!

Ireland - the Emerald Isle

Join us on an unforgettable sightseeing and cultural adventure as we discover Ireland's food, music and culture on a tour that takes you to some of the country’s most famous castles, through some of it’s most magnificent countryside as well as some of it’s most dramatic seascapes. You’ll visit a few of it’s prettiest towns and villages along the way!

Iceland - simply wonderful & interesting

A unique country where nature is so easy to enjoy! Our tours explore the classic Ring Road which connects some of the most beautiful scenery in Iceland. You'll see waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, volcanoes and a harbor full of icebergs on one of the our favorite tours!

India! some places transcend what your
eye can behold & help you understand
the world in a new light

A saying goes: "if you have no patience, you will surely learn it in India - and if you have patience, you will surely lose it in India." India is staggering, fascinating and beautiful. It's a feast for the traveler.

Turkey - a view into
another world

Turkey is beautiful & friendly. It's a fascinating and important country to visit. You'll see a world at a crossroads between East and West, Asia and Europe. The country is also filled with astonishing sites from breathtaking nature to ancient cities brimming with history and every imaginable architectural delight.

Philippe's favorites for 2019 / 2020

Seville, Granada
& Country Inns of Andalusia

Brittany, Normandy
& Château Country

Helsinki, Stockholm
& Amsterdam

Venice & the Italian Lakes

Reykjavik & the Golden Circle

Istanbul & Berlin

Eastern Canada
rugged nature & scenery
friendly faces & country charm

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the province of Quebec. "
Home" as Philippe calls it. Tours here feature fresh country air, fine scenery and delicious food. You'll discover pristine, rugged nature, plain-spoken people (with many accents ranging from Gaelic to French) on a unique itinerary designed by a local to feature the very best that the region has to offer.

Western Canada
you must see it once in your lifetime
We explore Canada's Rockies differently. Regular tours generally only visit the southern part of the famous mountain chain which is often filled with tourists. Our approach is to travel slightly off the beaten path, first heading north onto Vancouver Island, traveling along the fabled
Inside Passage to northern British Columbia crossing the coastal mountains and the Rockies by rail. This is a unique experience filled with nature, wilderness and majestic scenery. We also highlight the amazing native cultures along the way.


the Wild West...
rediscover America
There are few places on earth as beautiful as the western United States. We focus on natural beauty, wide open spaces and astoundingly unique scenery. Visit the California Coast, The Pacific Northwest, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The American west is home to some of the world's most famous national parks.


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